North Hills Radio Club

All ham radio operators, their guests, and those interested in joining the hobby, are always welcome to any of our club meetings and events.

If you would like to join the club as an active member, to support the club and it's activities and repeaters, please complete our
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2017 Elected Officers

Kaayla Jaret, KA6YLA
Vice President
Doug Emerson, N6NFF
Aaron Jones, K6ABJ
Director to 2018
Eric Handel, KD6MOO
Director to 2017
Bill Miner, K6WLM
Director to 2019
Paul Young, KA6PDY
Member Resources
Current Bylaws
Net Control Stations
Greg, KK6WSP
Doug, N6NFF
Maynard, W6PAP
Bill, K6WLM
Gary, KI6IJI
Eric, KD6MOO
Kayla, KA6YLA
Les, W6TEE
if you would like to particpate as netcontrol, please contact Greg KK6WSP